Life at a Progressive London Accounting Firm

Ford Keast LLP offers exciting work in a collaborative and progressive environment and the chance to grow your career as part of a supportive and close-knit team. Our energetic firm works hard to deliver effective business solutions and create an atmosphere where we grow together within a supportive team.

Our team of highly skilled experts specializes in many specific disciplines, including accounting, business advisory, taxation, HR consulting, and wealth management, and our collaborative approach allows us to meet the unique requirements of our clients in-house.

As a result of our integrated approach, Ford Keast LLP offers the same value for service as national firms but with greater personalization. We are not a once-a-year advisory firm. Our innovative approach to accounting and business means we are a valued financial partner all year long.

A Supportive and Inclusive Working Environment

Locally owned and globally connected, Ford Keast LLP is a collaborative accounting firm. Our team works together to ensure success. We support our team members and have established a POD system to ensure each team member has a support network. Our corporate structure ensures that we are dynamic and adaptive. We are people-driven and take the time to listen to our team, ensuring that voices are heard and actioned.

Open-Door Support

At Ford Keast LLP, we work to achieve a true team mentality at all levels. Our partners understand the value of teamwork and the importance of collaboration. Communication is a main priority for us, and the partners are committed to continual growth in this area. Feedback and access to partners are not challenges at Ford Keast LLP.

An Inclusive Workplace Culture

At Ford Keast LLP, we are committed to our employees’ well-being and understand the value of a strong work/life balance for our employees. Our team’s mental and physical health is important to us. We offer flexible hours and locations while providing ongoing wellness initiatives which promote healthy team members.

A Work Environment Fostering Balance

Work/life balance is a priority for our team. Busy season is inevitable, but we work to ensure our team has balance. We plan social and wellness events as well as provide lunches to support the team during busy days.

During the summer months, we offer condensed work weeks and allow team members the option to take Fridays off. We also offer flexible working arrangements for twelve months of the year.

We also support remote work for our team members, and we ensure they feel connected to the brand and are afforded opportunities to be involved.

Wellness Committee

The objective of the Wellness Committee is to make a smart investment in the health and productivity of the Ford Keast LLP team and our organization as a whole. The goal is to create a work environment that fosters balance, healthy living, and mental well-being. The Wellness Committee works to promote and create a culture of wellness by providing information and initiatives. The committee looks to the team for areas of interest and in-demand topics. The focus on mental health is very individualized, and the firm promotes and provides a dynamic approach.

Social Committee

At Ford Keast LLP, we believe that a thriving work environment goes beyond the office walls. Our social committee strives to cultivate an engaging social culture that enriches the lives of our employees both inside and outside the workplace. We regularly schedule a variety of activities such as lunch barbeques, lawn bowling, post-tax season celebrations and more to give team members the opportunity to connect and unwind. We believe that creating a healthy space for employees to enjoy the benefits of hard work creates open communication and fosters deeper connections within the workplace.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Inclusivity is an essential component of our workplace culture. We are committed to:

  • Educating team members on the concepts of diversity and inclusion
  • Participating and supporting community Initiatives which tie into diversity
  • Proactively assessing and reflecting on the communities we serve
  • Celebrating diversity

Commitment to Community

Community involvement is an integral part of Ford Keast LLP’s culture, and we have a long history of giving back to our community. We strongly promote community support and regularly participate in local charitable events.

We support several clients each month to ensure that we are involved and giving back to the community that we operate in. We provide opportunities for team members to be involved in volunteerism related to firm support and personal interests, and we look to support our local universities and colleges in initiatives that support their faculty and students. When planning team building events or donations for client sponsorship, we look to support local where feasible. We also encourage team members who work in communities outside of London to get involved locally, and the firm supports them in this.

Contact Ford Keast LLP in London to Grow Your Career

At Ford Keast LLP, we are always looking for dedicated and talented individuals to join our inclusive team of accounting, tax, and business advisory professionals. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package and a dynamic and supportive work environment. To learn more about how you can join our active team, contact us online or by telephone at 519-679-9330.

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