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Hello there! 

I’m Jann, a Human Resources Professional, a certified workplace investigator, and an experienced people manager. I’m here to talk with ordinary, extraordinary people through my channel: “Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk”. I am passionate about sharing peoples’ stories.  Lifting our understanding of each other leads to greater empathy and compassion. We really are all in this together. 

This channel was created to allow career experiences: my own, and my guests’, to shine a light. We provide a safe space for others to learn about a variety of journeys and the resilience we must have on our career path.

I get to work within the support and structure of Ford Keast LLP, Accountants in London Canada who bring solutions together for their clients.  

Ford Keast Consulting

“My own career journey has led me to understand the difficulties we all face. This is why my mission is to talk with the ordinary, extraordinary. To highlight that nobody is ever alone on their career journey, and to know there is always a space for growth and support.”

What I do

Working in HR has been a driving force for everything I do and that force is: Human. Over the last 30 years, I have worked to support and understand people within my professional sphere. My goal is always to demonstrate that we can get through anything with the right plan and commitment. We can come out greater on the other side. 

Throughout my own career, there have been many times when I felt completely alone.  So I understand when the journey is almost unbearable. And when we wonder what happened to our great plans and how and why we get to the wrong place. I take my own experiences with me, to help and counsel others through their career journeys. 

I am proud to have worked with 100’s of individuals to focus on their personal brand and to own their journey. 

I support businesses and individuals  focusing on:

  • Personalized support to build career resilience for individuals and help grow a strong professional brand​​
  • Frameworks to enhance collaboration and a healthy working environment within the workspace ​​
  • Strategizing steps to maximize your career journey, with support and a real human resource to turn to.

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