Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk
Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk
S2: Episode 1: Jon Foreman – A Life in Law

There are many layers to being a lawyer and those layers are both demanding and fulfilling. Overcoming tragedy and a shift in his career trajectory allowed Jon to refocus and appreciate the opportunities that came from those challenges. This resilience ultimately paved his path to Foreman & Company. Jon and Jann discuss the realities of being a lawyer and the fact that the reality rarely matches the vision. The responsibility of owning clients’ problems is heavy at times, but the knowledge of helping people is what drives the focus. Jon has created a dynamic team of lawyers and he takes immense pride in seeing his team thrive in their careers.

More on Ford Keast LLP Human Resources Consulting can be found here & for all the podcast information, visit our career resilience page.

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