Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk
Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk
15. Megan Walker - Women’s Advocate and Radical Feminist

Megan Walker, London Abused Women’s Centre, Executive Director

“Women don’t want to be equal to their oppressors, they want to be free from oppression.” Megan Walker is the Executive Director of the London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC) based in London, Canada. In this candid talk, Megan discusses the heartbreak and bravery of women who are abused by their partners and the societal conditioning of girls from a very young age. Megan discusses the value and impact of independence and her hope for a better future for women and girls. After 24 years at LAWC, Megan is transitioning out of her role as Executive Director and moving to a new chapter in her career. It was great to have an opportunity to hear about her plans

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