Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk
Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk
10. Laura Jeanne - Alone at 19; Building a Life

‘I got my Masters in Public Health to understand the social determinants of health.’ Laura a registered Nurse at Medcan Private Health Clinic in Toronto, Canada. Laura left home at 19 due to an untenable family situation. She moved to Toronto from Ottawa with no network and no one to turn to. This is her story of survival including her thoughts about where she would live if she had to become homeless. We also discuss the drive that formed her decision to study nursing and to go on to achieve her Masters in Public Health. Please also refer to our interview with Dan Catunto (Ep. 6) where Dan shares his thoughts about homelessness. Laura also struggled with bullying in the workplace and this also forms a part of her story of survival.

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