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Career Resilience with Jann Danyluk
11. Jodi Simpson – Passion for People and Community

‘I parked my fear and just said, okay, let’s give this a whirl’ Jodi Simpson and the Founder and President at City Match based in London, Canada. Five years ago, Jodi started her own business… London Ontario’s relocation and settlement concierge service: CityMatch. Since then, Jodi and her team have brought people into London and area from 26 countries. Her warm welcome and the professional integration services she offers make everyone feel immediately at home. There’s so much more to our discussion: high energy, the impact of growing up economically challenged and practical tips on managing ourselves in our busy jobs. Jodi and Jann also discuss their different approaches to their portfolio careers.

More on City Match can be found here: https://www.citymatch.ca/

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