Dorota Kral

Administrative Assistant

Graduating from Fanshawe College‚Äôs Administrative Assistant program, Dorota provides administrative support to the firm as a whole.  Processing and preparing final year-end packages for clients is her expertise, but she is always willing to assist with special projects to support the team and firm.  She is a proud member of the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee; being a member of the Polish community, she appreciates differences and struggles individuals from all different backgrounds may experience. She prides herself on helping to educate and foster an inclusive workplace at Ford Keast LLP.

Her first passion in life is helping animals in need.  Her house is always buzzing (pun intended) with all kinds of four-legged creatures that have been abandoned and need a home.  A close second is discovering new dishes from around the world, learning how to recreate them, sometimes with new ingredients, and having her husband taste test as her guinea pig.

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